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Jan 18

3D surgery improving outcomes for hip patients

Patients requiring a hip arthroscopy now have access to a ground-breaking 3D program that can offer improved surgical outcomes at SPORTSMED·SA Hospital and Orthopaedics.

The Dyonics Plan is a pioneering piece of software developed by Australian surgical device specialists, Smith & Nephew, which creates a 3D rendering of a patient’s hip and knee from a CT scan to assist hip surgeons in developing a full and accurate pre-operative plan.

Surgeons can identify exactly where the impingement and source of pain is located within the hip, and use the program as a visual guide when performing arthroscopic surgery.

SPORTSMED·SA is the first and only healthcare provider in South Australia to utilise the Dyonics Plan, while our specialist team is one of only a handful in the state who perform hip arthroscopies.

Hip and Knee Surgeon Dr Tony Spriggins, who was responsible for implementing the software at SPORTSMED·SA, emphasised the importance of offering patients access to multiple treatment options, including access to innovative and new technologies that can produce a range of major benefits.

“Despite the complexity and difficulty of the procedure, SPORTSMED·SA perform a high number of hip arthroscopies each year so it is imperative we remain industry leaders in that area and provide the latest technology to accommodate patients,” Dr Spriggins said.

“We are achieving great results and patient outcomes with the Dyonics Plan, and are consistently applying its technology to every hip impingement case we encounter.

“The algorithm within the program shows and tells us how the patient’s hip is abnormal to the norm and defines exactly where the impingement is to increase the chances of successful surgery.

“Unlike a plain x-ray and MRI scan, the Dyonics plan shows how much of the bone must be removed, what’s the best angle of entry, and the rotation and scale of the hip – basically everything you need to know in one program.”

Perhaps the biggest benefit of the Dyonics Plan is its use as a patient education tool.

The program is shown on a laptop to patients in their pre-operative consult and is an interactive and engaging way of educating patients about their surgery, rather than using paper-based methods.

“It’s great for patients at the consult because you can show them exactly what is wrong with their hip and what you are going to do to fix it in the operation,” Dr Spriggins said.

“The software is visually aesthetic and easy to understand, and can help alleviate any concerns a patient may have.

“It can also show a patient what their current range of motion is and what it will be following surgery.”

While the Dyonics Plan is currently only utilised on desktop PC and laptop devices, the program will be built into the revolutionary Navio Robotic Surgical System – also available at SPORTSMED·SA – to increase surgical accuracy.

The Navio System is designed to assist orthopaedic surgeons with accurate and precise robotic guidance when operating.

Patients who are suffering hip pain and interested in arthroscopic treatment are encouraged to contact our Orthopaedics team on 08 8362 7788.

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