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GP News

We are proud to unveil our brand new ‘GP news’ section dedicated to providing general practitioners with the latest information and events from SPORTSMED·SA.

Here you will find content from our GP newsletter which is released tri-monthly and contains current news, useful tips and stories.

Along with articles and news from our practitioners, we will also feature information regarding some of the events and workshops that take place across our South Australian branches.

If you have any feedback on the type of content you wish to see published or events you’d like us to hold, please email To download any edition of the GP newsletter or read the latest articles, please click on the provided links below.

GP Newsletter Editions

Latest articles

Oct 27

SPORTSMED·SA perform first total knee replacement with NAVIO robot in Australia

SPORTSMED·SA Hospital has performed the first total knee replacement utilising the NAVIO surgical robot in Australia. Having become the first hospital in Australia to successfully implement the robotic NAVIO Surgical System for partial knee replacement surgery in 2016, SPORTSMED·SA now offers patients access to the ground-breaking technology for total... read more →
Oct 26

A guide to wrist arthroscopy

Arthroscopy of large joints such as the knee and shoulder is very common, however the use of the procedure to treat the wrist is a much more recent development with indications and techniques continuing to evolve. From the 1980s to 1990s, wrist arthroscopy gained popularity primarily as a diagnostic tool... read more →
Oct 26
Sep 25
Sep 24
Sep 23