As part of our ongoing commitment to the treatment and prevention of sport injuries, we are pleased to introduce our new 'Sports Trainer' news section.

Content from our bi-monthly Sports Trainer newsletter will feature, including the latest sports medicine news, insightful articles and stories, and useful and relevant tips.

Along with articles and news from our practitioners, we will also feature information on some of the events and workshops that will take place across our South Australian branches.

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Latest articles

psychology thumb
New psychology services available at SPORTSMED·SA
22 Mar 2017
New sports, performance, exercise and general psychology services are available at SPORTSMED·SA with our Consultant Psychologist Geof Boylan-Marsland.
ACL injury shahram_thumb 2016
Returning to sport after ACL injury
22 Mar 2017
Our Knee, Shoulder and Hip Surgeon Dr Shahram Shahrokhi discusses the process involved in a successful return to sport following ACL injury.
mar17 thumb
Stepney Expansion Update - New building quickly taking shape
22 Mar 2017
Framework and concrete foundation for our new expansion clinic building are now in place as it continues to take shape.
salisbury plain17 thumb
SPORTSMED·SA Orthopaedic Surgeons relocate in the North
22 Mar 2017
SPORTSMED·SA Orthopaedic Surgeons have relocated services in the northern suburbs of metropolitan Adelaide to Salisbury Plain.
Damian Newberry2016
Practitioner Profile - Dr Damian Newberry
22 Mar 2017
Dr Newberry is a Sports Doctor at SPORTSMED·SA specialising in a variety of sports medicine and general practice treatments and services.
open on weekends thumb 17
SPORTSMED·SA open on weekends
22 Mar 2017
Hurt or injured yourself on the weekend? Our medical and physiotherapy practitioners are available for consultation and to provide treatment at our St ...