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Apr 13


Chocolate and hot cross buns are always in season, but now Easter is upon us the temptation to indulge increases! To help maintain your health and performance during Easter and beyond, our Dietitian Olivia Warnes shares some helpful tips to make it through the holiday break.

Choose quality over quantity

Go with your favourite brand and choose dark chocolate where possible. The darker the chocolate, the more antioxidants it contains. Aiming for 60-70% cocoa is a good option.

Don’t buy in bulk

Resist the urge to buy a number of bags of small eggs or multiple packets of hot cross buns – the ‘2 for $5’ deals can be very tempting. It can be hard to stop at 1-2 small eggs, so if you happen to receive a plentiful supply, share the love with family and friends.

Be creative

Consider melting a few Easter eggs and using the chocolate to dip sliced fruit in. It would make for a great platter for a social gathering and boosts your intake of vitamins and minerals, while enjoying a sweet treat.

Keep Chocolate and hot cross buns for dessert or a sweet treat

Eating a protein-containing, nutrient-rich meal before tucking into any Easter delights is highly recommended. Consuming high sugar and high fat snacks on an empty stomach will increase the likelihood of overeating at the time, as well as later in the day.

Give into your cravings and savour the moment

Easter is a special and fun occasion so it is important to enjoy chocolate. Resisting cravings can lead to overindulgence. The Mindful Eating experts have demonstrated you will obtain greater enjoyment and satisfaction by eating slowly and thinking about how good it tastes and feels in your mouth. Try it!

Don’t forget the Rabbit food

Ok … so cut up veggie sticks + dip (of the non-chocolate variety) doesn’t sound as exciting, but they will fill you up and provide quality nutrients without the kilojoules. Don’t forget the nutrient-rich snacks!

*3x solid Cadbury mini eggs is the same energy value as 4x medium-sized carrots.

Easter Delights Energy Value (kJ)
200g Easter Bunny 3,740
1x medium-size Creme Egg 715
3x Cadbury Mini Eggs 635
Small hot cross bun (no butter) 600
Large hot cross bun (with butter) 1,200
Choc-chip hot cross bun 1,100


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