Getting you back on track


At SPORTSMED·SA, our podiatrists provide prevention, treatment and rehabilitation of pain and dysfunction in the foot and lower leg. Our scope of practice can range from infants requiring guidance in their development, through to the elderly wishing to maintain an active lifestyle.

Our podiatrists treat a range of foot problems including plantar fasciitis, bunions, heel spurs, heel pain and much more.

With for consulting locations across Adelaide our podiatrists are able to treat the causes of sore feet.

Our podiatrists consult from our Stepney, Blackwood, Henley Beach and Morphett Vale locations. To make an appointment, contact 08 8362 8122.

Podiatry Services


At SPORTSMED·SA, our podiatrists are very experienced in all aspects of foot and lower limb management, ensuring our patients receive the best possible care and assistance with their rehabilitation and management of various lower limb injuries.

Custom Shoe Fitting

Our Podiatry team works closely with leading footwear experts and fellow locally owned and operated organisation, JoggersWorld, to provide a specialist, custom shoe fitting service to the South Australian community.

Sports Podiatry

Our podiatrists are passionate about sport and understand that the foot and lower leg play a major role in many sporting injuries. They are able to provide advice on the prevention of foot and ankle injury as well as implementing specific treatment plans for existing conditions.

The Adult Foot

Pain in the foot or lower leg is one of the major problems limiting activity as we age. Our podiatrists will implement the most appropriate and effective management plan to get you back on your feet and back on track to an active lifestyle.

The Adolescent Foot

Various foot and leg problems can develop in active adolescents undergoing rapid growth. With the heavy demand young people place on their bodies, we can monitor and manage their progress to ensure feet are not compromised as they move into adulthood.


Children’s feet are different from those of adults. Our podiatrists understand this completely and will discuss with you the safest and most appropriate forms of management for your child.

General Foot Problems

General day-to-day foot concerns such as skin and nail problems, including ingrown toe nails, are important and deserve special attention. With careful management, our podiatrists aim to resolve these problems with minimal fuss and concern to you.

Work Injuries

Injuries suffered through work can be debilitating. Our podiatrists can assist you with your recovery and return to work. We can also give you advice on choosing the most appropriate shoewear for your job.

Specific Conditions and Complaints

Our podiatrists are experienced in treating and educating people with specific medical conditions including diabetes, rheumatoid arthritis and osteoarthritis.

Foot and Ankle Clinic

Once a month, our podiatrists hold a multidisciplinary Foot and Ankle Clinic at our Stepney Healthcare Hub. The clinic is tailored for those cases that will often benefit from input and management from various health professionals.

The team currently includes our Foot and Ankle Surgeon Dr James Clayton, physiotherapists and podiatrists. Your Podiatrist can arrange for you to be included in this clinic if your particular situation would benefit from it.