Finding the right footwear to comfortably fit the specifications of your feet can be a difficult and tedious task, especially if you have to accommodate for any medical conditions and orthotics.

According to the Australian Podiatry Association, approximately 40% of Australians will experience some form of foot problems in their lifetime, putting themselves at risk of ongoing discomfort and pain if they don’t have suitable footwear.

At SPORTSMED·SA, our podiatry team has joined forces with leading footwear experts and fellow locally owned and operated organisation, JoggersWorld, to provide a specialist, custom shoe fitting service to the South Australian community.

With comfort at the core of the partnership, SPORTSMED·SA patients have access to both the expertise and experience of our podiatrists along with the team at JoggersWorld to find the right footwear to suit their individual feet and lifestyle requirements.

“One of the main questions we predominantly get asked by patients is ‘what type of shoes do I need?’, so we felt by creating this relationship with JoggersWorld we would be in the best possible position to answer that,” says SPORTSMED·SA Podiatrist Kristian De Pasquale.

“It’s a unique partnership that is really benefiting our patients because they are receiving guidance from a variety of specialists, while providing their own input, becoming a more collaborated and involved process.

“At the time of fitting, the SPORTSMED·SA podiatrist, JoggersWorld representative and patient can discuss all details and opinions, and ensure everyone is on the same page when selecting the right footwear.

“Comfort is the most important factor when it comes to footwear so even though we may recommend a certain shoe based on what we feel best fits a patient’s characteristics, if  it’s not comfortable, it’s not going to work.

“We are really lucky as a podiatry team to have a range of multidisciplinary healthcare services in the one location at SPORTSMED·SA Stepney where we can always ask fellow practitioners to help us with our patients, so we thought why can’t that be the same case with footwear specialists, who form a massive part of what we do.”

The fitting process for a patient begins by arranging a consult with a SPORTSMED·SA podiatrist at the Stepney Healthcare Hub where their foot is examined, and measurements and biomechanical specifications are taken.

These details along with some potential footwear recommendations are forwarded to JoggersWorld, who prepare a series of shoes in a variety of styles and sizes that suit the patient’s needs.

A representative will then visit the patient onsite at SPORTSMED·SA Stepney upon their next scheduled podiatry appointment to perform the footwear fitting, or if they do not have any special requirements they can be fitted immediately following their initial consultation with a referral by visiting the JoggersWorld Adelaide CBD location.

“All we need to do is give pre-emptive notice to JoggersWorld that a patient or patients are returning for their follow-up appointment, and they can be at Stepney with a box full of different shoes ready to conduct the fitting,” De Pasquale said.

“We develop our own custom orthotics onsite at Stepney too, which JoggersWorld can also accommodate for when they are inserted inside the shoes for optimal fit and comfort, conveniently providing patients with a comprehensive and thorough fitting experience in the one location.

“We essentially ensure our patients find the ideal footwear through that personalised approach, while it is conveniently saving them a trip to the JoggersWorld store.

“However if they don’t have any special requirements that need addressing and wish to be fitted earlier, they can visit JoggersWorld with a referral from us where they are still in capable hands. There’s also the benefit of having a greater variety of shoes to choose from.”

If there are any issues down the track or the footwear is no longer appropriate for whatever reason, SPORTSMED·SA patients are covered by JoggersWorld’s 30-Day Comfort Guarantee according to JoggersWorld Store Manager Mario Covino.

“Our 30-Day Comfort Guarantee allows the patient to try the shoes at their chosen activity and assess the comfort and performance. Should the patient be dissatisfied with the footwear’s performance within 30 Days, they can simply return and exchange the shoes,” he said.

SPORTSMED·SA and JoggersWorld have already begun to identify ways to streamline the fitting process for patients. A web app, which connects SPORTSMED·SA to JoggersWorld via an integrated service, is the first major initiative to launch.

The SPORTSMED·SA podiatry team will also soon be able to video chat with JoggersWorld during the initial consultation and recording of specifications so patients can view and select footwear from the full range available in store that they can either pick up or have delivered.

Patients can also ask questions and speak directly with the JoggersWorld expert. Chromebooks will be installed in each of the podiatry consulting rooms with the possibility of completing the purchase of footwear online.

“It’s an exciting initiative we are looking forward to see come to fruition and increase the convenience for patients,” said Covino.

“Patients would have instant access to our shoe fitting specialists and the full catalogue of footwear where they can select a variety of styles and sizes for us to deliver to SPORTSMED·SA later that day or have ready in store for them to try on.”

If you would like to speak with one of our podiatrists about the custom shoe fitting service available with JoggersWorld or wish to make an appointment, please contact 08 8362 8122.

SPORTSMED·SA podiatry services and practices are accredited by Quality Innovation Performance (QIP) against the National Safety and Quality Health Service (NSQHS) Standards relevant to allied health care and treatment. Our podiatrists provide treatment and rehabilitation of pain and dysfunction of the foot and lower leg.

JoggersWorld specialises in running shoes for all ages and abilities, but also carry a vast selection of shoes for cross training, walking, tennis, netball, football, soccer and more. The JoggersWorld team has extensive experience in delivering high quality, patient-focused customer service, including instore Video Gait Analysis. Their friendly staff are experienced in all aspects of foot and lower limb injuries, ensuring SPORTSMED·SA patients receive the best possible care and assistance with their footwear selection.