Renowned GP Dr Andy Ryan has joined sportsmed to provide medical services for the first time at our new Morphett Vale complex.

Dr Ryan has consulted in Adelaide’s south for the past nine years and brings with him a wealth of medical experience to our team.

With experience in sports and musculoskeletal medicine for bone, muscle, ligament and tendon pain, Dr Ryan offers a range of preventative care, treatment and rehabilitation services.

Dr Ryan currently consults every Monday and Thursday at sportsmed Morphett Vale, but is looking to expand his practice and offer additional appointment times in the near future.

Having worked closely with a number of sports clubs at all levels of competition across two decades, Dr Ryan has developed extensive injury prevention and management strategies for a broad range of conditions including acute joint injuries, soft tissues strains and sprains, concussion and head injury management, to keep the active sportsperson performing at their best.

Beyond the sporting area, Dr Ryan is able to consult on short-term acute illnesses, as well as chronic, long-term conditions such as arthritis, diabetes, asthma and heart disease.

He can also assist with exercise prescription to design a plan specific to patients who display symptoms or suffer with conditions that would benefit from exercise therapy, utilising our other healthcare practitioners and modern gym equipment at Morphett Vale.

Dr Ryan is one of very few specialists in South Australia offering prolotherapy to patients. The ground-breaking injection-based therapy is used to treat and manage chronic joint and back pain.

Using a combination of local anaesthetic and natural sugar, the injections stimulate healing in the affected area and can be used in combination with physiotherapy treatment to help a patient return to everyday activities, pain-free, without the need for pain-killing drugs.

Dr Ryan can also administer a number of other injection-based treatments to help prevent illness and/or relieve pain and inflammation, such as cortisone shots and routine immunisations, especially seasonal flu jabs.

With a number of world-class practitioners available at our Morphett Vale location including orthopaedic surgeons, physiotherapists, podiatrists, massage therapists and exercise physiologists, Dr Ryan can address complex medical issues and triage accordingly to the appropriate specialists.

For all appointments and enquiries with Dr Ryan at sportsmed Morphett Vale, contact 08 8130 1110 or visit the new state-of-the-art facilities at 118-120 Main South Road.

Dr Ryan is also available for consultation at Coast Osteopathy in Christies Beach, when not at sportsmed.