sportsmed is delighted to announce a new major partnership with Tango Netball Club for season 2018.

Tango AMND and SADNA players, primary carers and coaches will receive ongoing medical support and education, along with priority access to our range of services focusing on injury prevention, treatment and rehabilitation.

The club can also contact a dedicated team of sportsmed practitioners to receive expert advice and address any urgent concerns on the weekend. Practitioners available to the club on-call include our Orthopaedic Surgeon Dr David Martin (Shoulder, Knee and Ankle), Physiotherapists Bek Mauger and Joe McCallum, Dr Michael Thurling and Podiatrists Carlie Altmann and Nigel Rowe.

Injuries sustained on match day that require immediate attention, can also be treated at our weekend injury clinic at the Stepney Healthcare Hub.

Tango President Angela Lloyde was excited by the prospects of the partnership and what it would offer to the club.

“We are very pleased to announce sportsmed as a new major club sponsor … we are so excited to receive their great support!” Lloyde said.

“They are the market leaders in injury prevention, treatment and rehabilitation, and will train our AMND and SADNA players, primary carers and coaches in these key areas of performance management.”

Services available to Tango include orthopedic surgeons, physiotherapy, doctors, podiatry, massage, exercise physiology, diet and nutrition, psychology, pilates and gym. All services have practitioners with extensive experience in assisting sports clubs at all levels of competition.

To celebrate the new partnership, we hosted education seminars for Tango players, primary carers and coaches across two nights in late June.

The first of the two workshops attended by primary carers and coaches saw presentations from Dr Rob Buckley (Medical), Nigel Rowe (Podiatrist), Ned Pontifex (Physiotherapist) and Dr Martin (Orthopaedic Surgeon).

Dr Buckley discussed concussion, Nigel looked at common foot and ankle injuries in netball, Ned highlighted the importance of ACL prevention and Netball Australia’s KNEE Program, and Dr Martin touched on the diagnosis, treatment and management of knee injuries in sport.

The workshop attended by Tango players featured presentations from our Shoulder, Elbow, Wrist and Hand Surgeon Dr Justin Alexander (hand injuries in sport), Podiatrist Nigel Rowe (common foot and ankle injuries in netball), Exercise Physiologist Georgina Kiel (Netball Australia’s KNEE Program) and Dr Thurling (actue knee injuries).