SPORTSMED·SA Foot and Ankle Surgeon Dr James Clayton recently shared his expertise in keyhole bunion surgery to over 1,200 delegates at the International Federation of Foot and Ankle Societies Conference in Lisbon, Portugal in September.

Dr Clayton, who is one of only a handful of specialists in Australia trained in keyhole bunion surgery, hosted a workshop with the inventor of the technique, Dr Joel Vernois (pictured), teaching surgeons from around the world how to perform the ground-breaking minimally invasive procedure.

In the last decade, minimally invasive techniques have become sought after by foot and ankle surgeons across the globe due to the range of benefits they offer patients experiencing painful conditions such as bunions.

Less invasive surgical techniques can offer less pain, lower the risk of complications, hasten rehabilitation and recovery, and reduce the time spent in hospital.

“Minimally invasive surgery is not only the future, it is the now … it’s surgery done better with a lot less damage to the foot during and following the procedure,” Dr Clayton said.

“More and more surgeons are now catching on as they see the results continue to be consistent and extremely successful for patients worldwide.”

Dr Clayton is also currently training foot and ankle surgeons at our Stepney Heatlhcare Hub’s private orthopaedic hospital via a special program involving live patients .

Attendees watch Dr Clayton perform live bunion operations at our hospital, before visiting the Flinders University Department of Surgery later that day to practice their own procedures on bodies donated for research and education purposes.

The format of the training is unique and not replicated anywhere else in the world according to Dr Clayton, who was handpicked by French-based GRECMIP (Group of Research and Study in Minimally Invasive Surgery of the Foot) and Wright Medical Group, a global surgical device company, to spearhead the program which began in February and runs until the end of the year.

The International Federation of Foot and Ankle Societies holds a conference on a different continent every three years, where foot and ankle surgeons worldwide converge to discuss the latest research, advances in surgical techniques and host educational workshops.

Dr Clayton is the only surgeon performing keyhole/minimally invasive bunion surgery in South Australia. If you have bunions and would like to put an end to your troubles with footwear, please contact SPORTSMED·SA Hospital and Orthopaedics on 08 8362 7788.

Dr James Clayton – Foot and Ankle Surgeon

Dr James Clayton

Orthopaedic Surgeon, Foot and Ankle Specialist