Our orthopaedic surgeons are now consulting and operating in regional New South Wales at the Broken Hill Base Hospital.

Dr Justin Alexander and Dr Rob Wallace began visiting Broken Hill fortnightly in February 2018, operating at Broken Hill Base Hospital on Thursdays and consulting from the specialist clinics in the hospital on Fridays.

They will be joined by Dr Matthew Hutchinson, who will consult and operate in the mining town on a monthly basis as of Monday, 2nd July.

The trio treat all patients including private health members, public/uninsured, workers’ compensation, third party, public liability and DVA. Privately insured patients requiring surgery will also have the option to have their procedure at our Stepney Healthcare Hub’s hospital located on the cusp of the Adelaide CBD.

Dr Alexander is a shoulder, elbow, wrist and hand surgeon, while Dr Wallace is a hip and knee specialist. Dr Hutchinson is an adult and growing athlete specialist with a special interest in hip, knee and ankle conditions. He is also available to treat concerns with foot plantar fasciitis.

Our team of surgeons specialise in preventative care, treatment and rehabilitation for a range of ailments, injuries and conditions including bone, joint, muscle, ligament, tendon, nerve and arthritis pain.

In the midst of a five-year strategic plan to improve patient care and experience, Broken Hill was identified as a region that would benefit from an orthopaedic surgeon presence according to sportsmed CEO of Hospital and Orthopaedics Alan Morrison.

“A proud mining community such as Broken Hill unfortunately sees a lot of orthopaedic-related injuries and conditions given the work performed, but there are only a handful of specialists, patients can visit, leading many to travel to metropolitan New South Wales or South Australia for treatment” he said.

“We wanted to remove that inconvenience for patients and service a region of patients who would welcome specialised orthopaedic treatment and care in their community, close to home.

“Fortnightly visits ensure our Broken Hill patients have regular access to our surgeons, particularly in urgent cases, removing the inconvenience of travelling interstate.

“sportsmed will only continue to expand our services into regional and interstate locations to increase convenience for patients.”

For all appointments and enquiries at Broken Hill, please contact the Base Hospital directly on 08 8080 1333.

Broken Hill Base Hospital, 176 Thomas Street, Broken Hill NSW 2880