If your club is interested in partnering with our team this season and beyond, we would love to hear from you!

Beyond financial assistance, we offer sports clubs ongoing medical support and education, along with priority access to our range of services focusing on injury prevention, treatment and rehabilitation.

Services include orthopedic surgeons, physiotherapy, sports doctors, podiatry, massage, exercise physiology, dietitian, psychology, core strengthening and gym. All services have practitioners with extensive experience in assisting sports clubs at all levels of competition.

Your club can arrange to have a dedicated team of sportsmed practitioners available to contact for expert advice and address any urgent concerns on gameday before visiting our weekend injury clinic at our Stepney Healthcare Hub (seen below).

We also offer various exclusive arrangements and benefits for club members and players such as discounted and fixed weekend consult rates with minimal gaps, priority appointments, and more.

In terms of education, our practitioners can also host workshops for club trainers, coaches and players to recieve receive certification in basic injury assessment. Club members can also access copies of our sports trainer handbook which features essential information on injury prevention, treatment and rehabilitation.

As part of our commitment to South Australia and in particular, the encouragement of a healthy lifestyle through participation in physical activity and sport, we welcome your sponsorship enquiries

To discuss a potential sponsorship and partnership opportunity, contact our marketing and communications team at

If you would like a copy of our sports trainer handbook and/or wish to be added to our sports trainer and general mailing lists, please also contact pr@sportsmed.com.au, otherwise you can visit www.sportsmed.com.au.