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sportsmed takes hands-on approach to hygiene with state-of-the-art tech

sportsmed were the first hospital in Australia to use BioVigil’s revolutionary proprietary sensing technology for hand hygiene to protect against and reduce the risk of healthcare-acquired infections (HAIs).

The patented technology, which was installed in our hospital in February 2019, communicates reminders to staff to clean their hands and perform hand hygiene via a badge worn on their clothing, highlighting our dedication to patient safety and trust.

Using a traffic light system, our staff and patients can see a green, yellow or red hand print on the BioVigil badge: green means hands are safe and clean; yellow is a reminder to clean; and red advises people to stop immediately and clean their hands. The system is a visual reminder to patients that they are receiving exceptional care.

According to BioVigil, who are based in the US and specialists in hand hygiene compliance, the technology enables hospitals to reduce Healthcare Acquired Infections (HAIs), and achieve and sustain a 97% hand hygiene rate – a significant improvement on the national interim benchmark of 80% as advised by the Australian Commission on Safety and Quality in Health Care.

sportsmed Chief Executive Officer of Hospital and Orthopaedics Alan Morrison said BioVigil badges record hand hygiene activities in real-time with the data downloaded to a cloud platform database.

“sportsmed will be the first hospital in Australia to implement BioVigil. It shows we are dedicated to patient safety and increasing trust between staff and patients.”

Alan Morrison, CEO of sportsmed Hospital & Orthopaedics

“The BioVigil badge senses when users have applied alcohol-based sanitiser or washed hands with soap and water.

“We can also retain and review data from the technology to look at ways of improving workflow and offering the very best level of care.”

Morrison said BioVigil will reassure sportsmed staff and their patients that proper hygiene techniques are being followed.

“When a team member goes into a patient room and does not perform hand hygiene within two seconds, the badge will vibrate and turn yellow,” he said.

“If a further 60 seconds goes by without any action taken, the badge turns red and will only go back to green once cleaning has taken place.”

Other benefits of using BioVigil include:

  • Reminding staff in a gentle and non-intrusive fashion that hand cleaning is required
  • Rewarding staff for excellence in hand hygiene compliance
  • Recording hand hygiene compliance with 99.9% accuracy.

BioVigil CEO Sanjay Gupta is proud that sportmed is their first customer in Australia due to our passion for patient safety and innovation. Gupta said that the technology creates a strong culture of patient safety in hospitals and empowers patients by protecting against healthcare-acquired infections (HAIs).

“Proper hand hygiene, which includes handwashing and the use of alcohol-based sanitiser, is the single most effective method in preventing transmission of infections.”

Sanjay Gupta, BioVigil CEO

“Infection preventionists and nurse managers don’t have time to remind and coach healthcare workers to clean their hands at every hand hygiene opportunity, but BioVigil does.”

BioVigil said that their customers see a significant increase in hand hygiene compliance and decrease in HAIs.

Morrison said sportsmed is a leader in implementing cutting-edge technology.

“The use of products such as BioVigil shows sportsmed’s commitment to keeping up with state-of-the-art technology and using it to benefit staff and patients,” he said.

“BioVigil ensures there are no communication barriers between staff and patients about hand hygiene, meaning the focus remains on providing the best care and treatment.

“We want our patients to know they are receiving the best care and with BioVigil there is visible reassurance that there is trust between our staff, patients and their families.”

To learn more about the ground-breaking technology, speak with one of our friendly nursing staff who can show you a demonstration of the BioVigil badge in action or check out the patient information cards seen below and available in every one of our hospital rooms.

CEO Alan Morrison interviewed by ABC Radio Adelaide breakfast host Ali Clarke

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