Stepney Expansion

Stepney expansion - sneak peek of healthcare hub

Stepney expansion update - 06/04/2017

Stepney Healthcare Hub and Hospital

Health reassurance - choice of surgeon

Health reassurance - patient access to new technology

Inside sportsmed hospital and orthopaedics

Weekend Emergency Service

Weekend emergency service

Navio Robotic Knee Surgery

Total knee replacement

Partial knee replacement

Prevention, Treatment and Rehab

Running recovery

Concussion: diagnosis, treatment and management

Footy SA - Health and Wellbeing segments

Host fitness challenge outtakes

Host fitness challenge (part 2)

Host fitness challenge (part 1)




Foot and ankle

sportsmed profile

Meet the surgeon

Dr Nick Wallwork - shoulder, elbow, wrist and hand surgeon

Dr Adrian Bauze - hip and knee surgeon

Dr Roger Paterson - knee, hip and ankle surgeon

Dr Shahram Shahrokhi - knee, shoulder and hip surgeon

Dr Matthew Hutchinson - hip, knee and ankle surgeon

Dr David Martin - shoulder, knee and ankle surgeon

Dr Andrew Saies - shoulder, hand, elbow and wrist surgeon

Dr Greg Keene - knee surgeon

Dr James Clayton - foot and ankle surgeon

Taping tutorials

Ankle taping - soleus tape

Ankle taping - moccasin tape

Ankle taping - heel lock

Ankle taping - basic tape