Please note: all clinics will be closed 29/3/24 - 1/4/24, except Physio services at Stepney, which will be open 8am - 12.30pm on 30/3/24, and Hydrotherapy classes at Welland pool, which will also be open on 30/3/24.

Foot and ankle clinic

Foot and ankle care revolutionising patient treatment

In a first for South Australian foot and ankle healthcare, sportsmed are providing patients with challenging conditions, the chance to have their case reviewed by a dedicated team featuring our Foot and Ankle Surgeon Dr Anthony Nguyen, podiatrists and physiotherapists. The panel of experts work together with the patient to solve these complex cases.

The revolutionary care helps patient to understand their problems and receive the appropriate treatment to assist them in making a full recovery.

The innovative concept was born out of “corridor meetings” between practitioners at sportsmed who found themselves regularly swapping advice with one another on how to treat challenging cases. Practitioners soon realised that by formally structuring a meeting they would be able to offer patients access to a group of experts and provide an improved service.

Principal Podiatrist Nigel Rowe, believes the unique multidisciplinary structure of sportsmed enables practitioners to work together to achieve positive outcomes for patients.

“The concept when we started sportsmed over 30 years ago was to create a one-stop shop for patients, so it was a natural evolution to create a multidisciplinary clinic that can provide patients with a service not offered before in SA,” he said.

“These are patients who have usually been suffering for some time and have yet to find a treatment that works. Having that ability to sit down with a number of experts and discuss their needs is very welcomed.

“Through cross-dialogue and cross-collaboration we learn from each other and can come up with a management plan that we feel is appropriate and can produce optimistic outcomes. It’s really valuable, both from a practitioner and patient perspective.”

The meeting can involve up to ten practitioners. Orthopaedic surgeon fellows and final year podiatry students on placement are also invited to attend in an effort to share knowledge and encourage education within the industry.

At each meeting, patients will meet with the team to have their case examined. This includes looking at the history of the problem, analysing past instances and cases of similar conditions, viewing treatment records and inspecting imaging such as x-rays and ultrasounds. The process is rounded out by patients undergoing a physical and hands-on assessment. This is all done at no cost to the patient.

Our Foot and Ankle team consult from the Stepney Healthcare Hub. If you would like more information or wish to make an appointment with one of our practitioners, please contact 08 8362 8122.

Patients require an assessment before they can participate in our foot and ankle multidisciplinary meeting.

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