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Physiotherapy spikey balls

Gift ideas at the physio reception desk

Did you know we sell a range of physiotherapy related products at our reception desks?

These are not only great in helping you to reduce muscle tension and improve range of motion, they all make for great gift ideas too!

Get in touch with our friendly team if you’d like to purchase spikey balls, the Vitnesse Microwaveable Neck & Shoulder Wrap or even sportsmed massage vouchers.

Five reasons why you should consider the Spikey Ball

  1. Reduce muscle tension
  2. Improve blood flow
  3. Increase body awareness
  4. Improve range of motion
  5. Improve joint motion.

The Vitnesse Microwaveable Neck & Shoulder Wrap

The Vitnesse Microwaveable Neck and Shoulder Wrap is designed to fit all size men and women perfectly, with a high collar and extra long chest cover.

The shape clings to your body and soothes the superficial muscle layers as much as the deep tissue of your upper back, neck and also chest, since tight pec muscles are the main reason for bad posture and upper body soreness.

See our Reception team if you would like to place an order.

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