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How to (safely) improve your fitness this summer

Written by sportsmed Physiotherapist, Evan Ramos.

Evan Ramos is a Physiotherapist at our Henley Beach and Morphett Vale clinics. He is experienced in sport related injuries and has a particular interest in ACL rehabilitation, lower back pain, lower limb tendon pain and adolescent athletes.

Thinking of stepping up your exercise plans as the warmer weather dawns upon us? Here are a few tips which can help you stay healthy, motivated and determined as you start to ramp up your exercise over the summer months:

1. Do something you enjoy

There is nothing worse than going for a run and hating every second of it, chances are you might not be doing it too often. Whether it be cycling, gym, walking or running, choose something that you enjoy and this will help keep you motivated and engaged.

2. ”If you want to go fast, go alone, if you want to go far, go together”

Try to find others who are also interested in committing to a new exercise/ sport. Connecting with people through community groups or online groups can be a great way to find like- minded individuals.

3. Don’t go too fast, too soon

Normally injuries are a result of when your body does more than it can handle. Progressively increasing your exercise loads is important to help your body adapt to new demands and reduce the risk of injury. Doing ”too much” is a tricky question, but if you have any questions chatting to a health professional can always help to plan an exercise program.

4. Listen to your body

No one can predict when an injury will occur, but there are warning signs that your body may be struggling. Feelings of fatigue, tiredness and mood changes are sometimes signs that your body is struggling to cope with its current demands. There is nothing wrong with having a week off to allow your body to recover.

5. Importance of recovery

Proper sleep (7-8 hours) and nutrition are imperative for recovery. Stretching, foam rolling and ice baths will only get you so far. If you are unsure about your nutritional demands it could be worth getting in touch with a nutritionist.

6. Use the correct gear

Running? make sure you have adequate, supportive footwear. Cycling? make sure your bike is setup well. We offer a bike fit which is crucial for not only improving comfort but reducing injuries.

7. Goals

Try to have some short & long term exercise goals to help motivate yourself. Nothing too crazy, just something to keep motivating yourself. 

Evan Ramos is available for physiotherapy consultations at our Henley Beach and Morphett Vale clinics.

For all appointments and enquiries with Evan, contact 08 8130 1128.

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