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Joint infection rates

Independent audit shows low infection rate for joint replacements at sportsmed

An independent audit by the Australian Orthopaedic Association National Joint Replacement Registry has confirmed that sportsmed has an extremely low revision surgery rate for infection of joint replacements compared to the national average of all other hospitals. The audit covered 19223 joint replacement procedures performed at sportsmed over 20 years from January 1999 to February 2019.

The highlight of the report is the very low rate of revisions for infection in knee replacements within 2 years of surgery compared to the national average.

This is the most relevant measure of best hospital practice and the difference is statistically significant. Over the last twenty years 10824 primary knee replacements have been performed at sportsmed and only 26 (0.3%) have been revised for infection within two years. This is shown in the above graph.

Results for other joint replacement procedures are also below the national average, but because of lower numbers did not reach statistical significance. Of 4592 primary hip replacements, only 18 (0.4%) were revised for infection.

Remarkably, of 1232 shoulder replacements and 159 ankle replacements performed over the twenty year audit period there have been zero revisions for infection.

This incredible outcome is a result of consistent commitment to excellence by staff at all levels of the clinic and hospital over the last two decades. sportsmed has rigorous infection control policies and procedures which are regularly reviewed and updated. We monitor compliance, provide ongoing education for staff and patients and carry out surveillance of all infections. We are also continuously looking at ways to further improve infection control. A recent example is the introduction of the state of the art Biovigil sensing technology to provide a visual reminder of the importance of hand hygiene in keeping our patients safe.

Most importantly we have a culture that focuses on providing the best patient care and experience at all levels of our patients’ journey through our specialized Orthopaedic Clinic and Hospital.

Dr Adrian Bauze, Chair of Clinical Outcomes Review and Clinical Audit Committee, sportsmed


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