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Introducing our new Type 2 diabetes eight week exercise program

Written by sportsmed Exercise Physiologist, Brittany McEvoy

sportsmed Morphett Vale are now accepting Type 2 diabetes Medicare referrals for Exercise Physiology services. This referral includes a 1:1 initial consultation and eight weekly group sessions with an Exercise Physiologist.


Exercise for those with type 2 diabetes can:

  • Improve glucose tolerance
  • Increase insulin sensitivity
  • Reduce HBA1C levels
  • Reduce insulin requirements for those on insulin
  • Improve CVD risk factors.


The eight week program includes:

  • 1:1 initial consult with an Exercise Physiologist
  • Relevant objective measures
  • Individualised initial report sent to referring doctor
  • Tailored, specific and evidence-based exercise programming
  • Education, support and monitoring throughout
  • Dedicated small group sessions with supervision from an Exercise Physiologist
  • Optional blood glucose testing pre, during and/or post exercise session
  • Average blood glucose reduction certificate provided at the end of the 8 weeks
  • Final report and average blood glucose reduction sent to referring doctor
  • Option for patients to continue exercise sessions after the 8 weeks.

We also offer specialised diabetic foot care Podiatry at our Morphett Vale clinic.


The eight week Type 2 diabetes exercise program is now available at our Morphett Vale clinic.

To find out more contact 08 8130 1110 or email  

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