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Mako SmartRobotics™ for hip and knee surgery

As part of our commitment to stay at the forefront of surgical innovations and provide the best patient care, sportsmed is proud to introduce Mako SmartRobotics™ into our suite of robotic surgery options.

At sportsmed, we understand that no two patients are alike. It all starts with a CT scan that creates a 3D image of the patient’s unique anatomy. This information allows our experienced orthopaedic surgeons to create their patient’s plan and assessment, allowing for more precise surgery for each patient.1,2,3

For some patients, that means preserving soft tissue; for others, that means saving healthy bone.4-8

As each patient has unique soft tissues, Mako allows your surgeon to precisely adjust your plan during the operation if/when required. Mako is the only robotic system that has demonstrated higher accuracy and precision to plan for implant placement and sizing for total knee, partial knee and total hip procedures.9-11

contact us about robotic hip and knee surgery

A number of sportsmed orthopaedic surgeons perform robotic hip and knee surgery and are trained to use Mako SmartRobotics™. It’s now available to patients.

Patients who are interested in robotic surgery can contact sportsmed Orthopaedics on 08 8362 7788 to find out whether they are suitable for treatment.


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