Please note: all clinics will be closed 29/3/24 - 1/4/24, except Physio services at Stepney, which will be open 8am - 12.30pm on 30/3/24, and Hydrotherapy classes at Welland pool, which will also be open on 30/3/24.

Physiotherapy Team’s Professional Development Evening

The Physio Department held their first Professional Development Evening for 2022.

The topic was Strengthening, Conditioning and Athletic Development through the Lifespan.

Ian McKeown was the guest speaker for the evening. Ian was the High Performance Manager at PAFC for
the past 3 years. Ian completed his PhD several years ago.

The focus of his research was the development of an athletic ability assessment (AAA) tool that could be used by clinicians and sports organisations to assist them in the prescription of exercise and injury prevention for their patients and players.

Prior to his work as high performance manager Ian worked as the senior strength coach at PAFC for 6 years. He also worked for many years with the AIS and Matildas .

He now consults to sports organisations and individuals in a wide variety of high performance settings.

Ian discussed the development of strength and movement qualities throughout our lifespan. The session included an in depth look at the relationship between strength, moving well and the prevention and rehabilitation of injuries. A practical session involving brief assessment techniques and strength exercises followed the lecture.

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