Mitcham patients: Please note we are OPEN as per our normal trading hours. The NBN in our area is out and our phones are not working. Sorry for any inconvenience.

Post-op Lower Limb Rehabilitation

Our Physiotherapy team is running post-op lower limb rehabilitation classes in the gym for the athletic population.

These are small classes of 5-6 patients and are filled with post-op ACLR, knee scope, patella stabilisation, ankle reconstructions and returning ankle sprains.

They also cater for hip scope patients as well as achilles reconstructions.

A raft of challenging exercises are specifically tailored to each patient depending on their impairments, goals and their stage of post operative healing. Clients are drilled on motor control, strength, power and agility exercises and the over arching end goal is to produce a robust, fail-safe return to sport limb.

Patients will follow up with their treating physiotherapist for reviews and milestone testing.

These very popular classes are run on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays in the Stepney gym.

Please contact our Physiotherapy team for more information or call 08 8362 8122.

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