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sportsmed podiatry introduce new AxIT system

Our podiatry team are excited to be able to offer our patients this one-of-a-kind software, the AxIT system.

The AxIT system is a series of devices that identifies our patients’ lower body strength, measures imbalances, tracks progression and monitors improvements over time, in order to work towards personalised rehab goals. This is achieved using two plates known as the Stomp-It, which our patients can squat, lunge and leap on, so our podiatrists can personally measure a patients baseline.

Using our hands to measure the strength of a patient’s left and right foot can be done, however, to get an accurate result, the AxIT measures the rate of force that could potentially be a major impact in sports, activities and a patient’s everyday life.

The information received back from the software allows our podiatrists to develop a personalised rehab program to get our patients to identify their strengths, know their limitations and work towards their goals.


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