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Arthrex 4k camera technology

sportsmed unveil new patient 4k camera technology

sportsmed is proud to be the first hospital in South Australia to implement Arthrex’s 4k ultra high-definition camera technology.

The 4-in-one system combines the latest technology, 4k camera leads, LED lighting, image management and integration with an intuitive tablet controller that is programmed by our surgeons based on individual surgery and patient requirements.

The increased picture clarity and depth perception, delivered by leading-edge technology offers enhanced visualisation that facilitates the appreciation of different tissue structures and their pathology.

sportsmed Adult and Growing Athlete Surgeon Dr Matthew Hutchinson, who specialises in hip, knee and ankle conditions has a substantial portion of young patients with smaller joint surfaces.

“Most Australian homes have a big screen TV in high definition, why wouldn’t we offer the same visual quality to our patients.”

Dr Matthew Hutchinson, sportsmed Adult and Growing Athlete Surgeon

The system can be used in any surgical procedure requiring arthroscopic imaging and has a number of attachments that provide flexibility for use in any size joint.

Accompanying the system is Arthrex’s Synergy surgeon iPad application that affords physicians with the tools to manage stills, video recordings and digital format patient education.

The app sets a new standard for patient education and post-operative notes ready for immediate distribution.

Supplied by Device Technologies, the Arthrex system follows a number of patient innovations at sportsmed in recent years including the NAVIO Robotic Surgical System for knee surgery and the 3D Dyonics planning for hip arthroscopy.

CEO of sportsmed Hospital and Orthopaedics Alan Morrison was delighted to offer another ground-breaking technological advance to patients, which will continue to see the organisation remain at the forefront of surgical innovation and deliver excellence in orthopaedic care.

“We pride ourselves on providing the public with access to state-of-the-art healthcare and we proactively seek out pioneering technology that can benefit both our practitioners and patients.”

Alan Morrison, CEO of sportsmed Hospital & Orthopaedics


If you would like more information about the Arthrex system, contact our orthopaedics team on 08 8362 7788 or email

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