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Warm up stretches, hints and tips to help you perform at your best this city-bay

The City – Bay is not far away and if you’ve registered to walk or run, sportsmed Physiotherapist Shannon Racz has some tips on how you can ensure all your hard training efforts pay off on the day and will make the event a much smoother and a more enjoyable experience for you.

1. In the weeks leading up to the event, make sure to commit to 2-3 runs per week and 1-2 strength sessions, keeping it consistent rather lots of sessions one week and then minimal the next.
2. The night before the event try and get an early night sleep.
3. On the day, so stress or nerves don’t get the better of you, try to arrive with enough time so you can familiarise yourself with the area and protocols.
4. Perform a dynamic warm up. This can consist of some gentle jogging and short run throughs at a faster pace, and a few different stretches – A great one that involves three different muscle groups is where you start in a lunge position but with the back leg’s knee on the floor. From here you pulse forwards, inwards and outwards, each for 10 reps, and repeat on the opposite side. Shannon can be seen demonstrating this stretch in the image below.

Shannon is seen demonstrating the dynamic stretch. She has positioned her foot differently in each of the photos.

5. Warm clothes are a great idea (layer up) for your warm up, and see if you can have someone on hand to give them to just before you start.
6. Hydration is also very important, and just like running/strength training, you can’t cram it all in at the last minute. For the week prior, make sure to keep a bottle on hand and take a sip every time you remember. On race day, don’t overload yourself on the morning, as there are water stations along the way as needed.

With these helpful tips you’ll be sure to have prepared well so you can perform at your best on the day!

Try to remember the 5 P’s-Proper preparation prevents poor performance!

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