Please note: all clinics will be closed 29/3/24 - 1/4/24, except Physio services at Stepney, which will be open 8am - 12.30pm on 30/3/24, and Hydrotherapy classes at Welland pool, which will also be open on 30/3/24.

Welcome, Tom Savidge

sportsmed is delighted to announce that Tom Savidge will be joining the physiotherapy team.  Tom will be joining us from the UK, is masters-trained (his research was based around the use of force-decks) and has worked in professional sport, primarily rugby union, for the last decade. He has extensive experience in rehabilitation, especially return to play; and youth athletic development.

Tom will be joining the team just after Easter with services initially commencing in our Stepney gym. 

Read on below as Tom sheds some light for us on what’s involved in strength and conditioning:

What is a Strength and Conditioning Coach?

The short and sweet answer is: A Strength and Conditioning (S&C) Coach is a physical performance professional.

An S&C coach plans, delivers and reviews the physical and physiological preparation of specific groups, individuals or athletes aligned to their individual outcome measures of success. This requires a deep understanding of physical characteristics encompassing strength & power, energy system / fitness development as well as understanding of what it takes to be resilient to the demands of the end goal. As an S&C coach, we are the drivers, we can affect a culture and environment massively and therefore it is our duty to provide an engaging & positive experience for all that we interact with.  

S&C coaches are not only physical preparation specialists but they act as a guide or support network, they’re educators, mentors and role models. In a noisy world of both good and bad information readily available at our finger tips, my role as an S&C coach is to take scientific findings and literature and make it relatable to you. This ensures I provide you with a world class service on what ever your journey or outcome you’re working towards.

How you can help our clients?

As an S&C coach, the understanding of physiology and manipulation of training modalities to achieve a specific outcome is second to none. I have spent my career reverse engineering protocols in order to get injured athletes from point of injury back to performance. This also allowed me to develop long term injury prevention strategies to prevent unnecessary or avoidable injuries through structured S&C programs.

For those who find themselves in the hard position of being injured I can make the confusing and stressful journey of rehab straightforward and keep morale high. I will act as your support network to allow you to achieve the outcome set out by both you and your performance rehabilitation team here at sportsmed. Having spent over a decade in elite sport setting up youth athletic development and senior performance programs, I have an insight into what it takes & the best possible route to becoming a professional athlete. The biggest difference between the professional and amateur level is provision of services. This catch-22 situation can be frustrating as you don’t have access to the services needed to ‘take the next step’. I have protocols, materials and a wealth of experience that will help take you to the elite level.

If you’re interested to find out more or would like to book a consult with Tom, get in touch with our friendly Physiotherapy team on 08 8362 8122 or email

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