DolorClast radial shockwave therapy

DolorClast Shockwave Therapy

sportsmed was the first healthcare provider in South Australia to offer patients access to DolorClast radial shockwave therapy – a world-class, safe and non-invasive treatment for soft tissue conditions.

sportsmed podiatry introduce new AxIT system


The AxIT system is a series of devices that identifies our patients’ lower body strength, measures imbalances, tracks progression and monitors improvements over time, in order to work towards personalised rehab goals.

Avoid dehydration and heat illness when temperatures soar

Dehydration and heat illness

When the body’s heat production is greater than the body’s heat loss through sweating and other mechanisms, the body temperature rises and in turn leads to the onset of heat illness. Heat illness can range from mild fatigue and cramps, through the life threatening heatstroke.