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We pride ourselves on providing our patients with access to state-of-the-art healthcare and we proactively seek out pioneering technology that can benefit both our patients and practitioners. 

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Our Technology

sportsmed has led the way in South Australia, and also nationally, in providing patients world-leading and outstanding patient care and treatment in a modern, innovative and supportive hospital. We use new and innovative practices and procedures with well-established methods and techniques.

A market leader in our use of technology, we have a range of robotic knee surgery systems, a patient 4K camera system, 3D software, hand hygiene technology and more.

Commitment to innovation

We have a long-established tradition of safely pioneering Australian-first procedures using a range of surgical innovations.

These have included the CORI Surgical System, Visionaires cutting guides, NAVIO surgical system, and many more. 

We currently offer a range of robotic knee and hip replacement surgical options including the CORI Surgical System and Mako robotic-arm assisted surgery.  

Our orthopaedic surgeons are committed to offering our patients a range of treatment options and technologies suited to their individual circumstances. 

BioVigil Badge

BioVigil Hand Hygiene Technology

Hospital staff at sportsmed were the first in the nation to use BioVigil’s revolutionary proprietary sensing technology for hand hygiene to protect against and reduce the risk of healthcare-acquired infections (HAIs) in hospitals. The system is a visual reminder to patients that they are receiving exceptional care and promotes patient safety and satisfaction.

Our hospital uses the BioVigil system to ensure our team always have clean hands. The BioVigil hand green, yellow or red to show their hand hygiene status. 

If you see someone with a red badge, ask them to clean their hands.

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sportsmed are proud to offer our patients a range of innovative robotic knee surgery options. Robotic knee surgery technology is well-established at sportsmed and the
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