Spotlight on hydrotherapy


Classes take place in a heated, indoor pool with the supervision of an experienced physiotherapist and patients receive individualised, specific exercises aimed at mobility, strength, flexibility and fitness depending on their injury and needs. There is a strong focus on technique and patient programs are gradually progressed as they improve.

Recipe of the Month + bonus recipe

Delicious strawberry, mulberry and blueberry smoothie garnished

A delicious smoothie is ideal for the post holiday period and is delightful on a hot afternoon. Also featuring a special bonus recipe courtesy the late Nana of Tim Payze, our General Manager of Physiotherapy.

Meet Josephine

Physiotherapy reception cropped

sportsmed is delighted to introduce you to Josephine Trimboli who will commence this month with us as an Exercise Physiologist.

We asked Josephine a few questions so we can get to know her better.

A minute with John Camens

Physiotherapy reception cropped

We asked John, a self proclaimed “long-haired lout in ’74” to give us an insight into what makes a co-founding sportsmed Physiotherapist tick!