Our services


• Computer-navigated surgery
• Hip arthroscopy
• Hip joint resurfacing
• Minimally invasive hip surgery
• Paediatric hip surgery
• Total hip replacement (Direct Anterior and Posterior Approach)
• Trauma and fracture management
• Young hip pain diagnosis and management

• Anterior cruciate ligament (ACL)
• reconstruction (Hamstring tendon and patellar tendon techniques)
• Computer-navigated surgery
• Knee arthroscopy
• Minimally invasive partial knee replacement
• Robotic knee surgery (Navio Surgical System)
• Patellofemoral replacement
• Patellofemoral stabilisation
• Total knee replacement Trauma and fracture management

• Ankle reconstruction
• Artificial ligament reconstructive surgery
• Bunion surgery (Keyhole/Minimally invasive)
• Dolorclast Radial Shockwave Therapy
• Foot and ankle arthroscopy
• Minimally invasive ankle surgery
• Open and arthroscopic management of foot and ankle soft tissue conditions
• Orthotics
• Paediatric ankle surgery
• PRP Injections
• Total ankle replacement

• Arthritis surgery
• Arthroscopic surgery of the rotator cuff and instability
• Shoulder arthroscopy
• Shoulder reconstruction
• Shoulder resurfacing
• Reverse total shoulder replacement
• Total shoulder replacement
• Trauma and fracture management

• Arthritis surgery
• Dolorclast Radial Shockwave Therapy
• Elbow arthroscopy
• PRP Injections
• Total elbow replacement
• Trauma and fracture management
• Treatment of compressive neuropathies
• Wrist arthroscopy
• Wrist joint replacement

Why sportsmed?

sportsmed is an industry leading healthcare provider with a private orthopaedic hospital, day surgery and specialist clinics, offering patients access to world-leading and modern healthcare in state-of-the art facilities. We are proudly South Australian owned and operated.

We specialise in preventative care, treatment and rehabilitation for a range of ailments, injuries and conditions including bone, joint, muscle, ligament, tendon, nerve and arthritis pain. Our patients have access to a world-renowned team of healthcare practitioners and services.

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